Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Transition Cafe Wednesday 6 June from 6.00pm

Transition Cafe "What is happening in Transition Bellingen"

Projects include

Bellingen Seeds Savers http://bellingenseedsaversunderground.blogspot.com.au/
Permacutlure Collective mnc    http://www.permcollmnc.blogspot.com.au/
Reskilling workshops http://tbworkshops.blogspot.com.au/
River Festival  http://transitionbellingen.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/expressions-of-interest-for-bellingen.html
FREEMARKET http://transitionbellingen.blogspot.com.au/2011/12/free-market-held-on-sunday-4-december.html
Nap-In http://transitionbellingen.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/nap-zzzzone-at-stillpoint-st-andrews.html

Joint initiative Edible Streetscapes http://ediblestreetsbellingen.blogspot.com.au/

Nap-in challenge awards 15 May 2012

Workplace Nap Challenge:  Last week the results of the nap challenge - to take 2 powernaps a week for 2 weeks, were tallied.
Partaking in the challenge were: Kevin Doye Kombu, Mandy TraynorGO4 Media, Guy Saddleton, G S Real Estate, Nicole Rowsell

Burrows Child Care Centre, Dan Maher Affirmations, Jane Eales Council, Jason Brown No. 5 Church St,  Steve Doyle Bellingen Solar, Jason Johns
Uniting Church, and late but keen participant RosemaryStevens, Emporium

And the winner was ... Mandy Traynor, of GO4 media for consistency plus.. who used the local Nap Zzone to take her bi-weekly mini-sieasta. 

SPECIAL Mentions went to  ... 
Highest Number of Naps:  Guy Saddleton  9 naps all up , followed by Dan Maher with 7  (both are the boss with a couch in their office and a door they can close and as well.)
Most challenging conditions :  Nicole Rowsell with only half an hour for lunch, followed by Jason, no. 5 – start up cafĂ© 
Positive Role modelling award.  Jane Eales
Progressive Minister Award: Jason for opening up his church for us to take a lie down
Culture Jamming Award: goes to everyone … it really is a counter cultural pose to strike, when you take a nap at work so thanks for being at the forefront of this culture-changing movement. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Transition Bellingen News 25 May 2012

Transition Bellingen News

Transition Bellingen News 18 May 2012

Bellingen River Festival will be held in November 2012 and planning is under way. It is important that funding can be confirmed so that the size and scope of the festival can be determined.
Please let us know if you can make a contribution, money or in kind, no matter how large or small by Friday 25 May by emailing transitionbellingen@gmail.com or phoning  Vicki on 6655 9715.
Vicki has already received $600 from 7 businesses.
To remind you of how amazing the 2011 festival was, go to parade for Solveig's photos of the lantern making and the parade


Thursday 24 May - Permaculture Collective mnc Food Exchange outside Kombu 10.30am to 12.30pm - click on exchange
Transition Network News Letter May 2012 click on News 

Other news

Bellofoodbox - providers of local food - click on Foodbox to see this weeks newsletter  

Tuesday 22 May - Film Night at No 5 Church Street about biodynamic farm practices - "One Man, One Cow, One Planet" see film  for details 

Saturday 2 June - Bellingen High School Community Garden High School Open Day  click 
 here for full size poster

Saturday 2 June at Brierfield  - Transform your farm with Biodynamics -   click on workshop for Demeter course

Friday 8 June at Hydes Creek  - Biodynamics in the Home Orchard click home orchard on for course by Biodynamics Agriculture Australia - headquarters in Bellingen

Saturday 9 June at Thora -  Demeter Bio-Dynamics Field Day at Thora  click on Field Day for details 

Friday June 8 Registration -  Trash to Treasure for beautiful poster and registration information click on T2T   

Saturday 28 July  - Bellingen Energy Festival go to http://www.bef.org.au/

Community Groups: Click here to find information about the many local networks and discussion/support groups.
Information on "Intimacy Circle" has been added this week.

Thursday 24 May Bellingen Business Divas Network Biggest Morning Tea go to  Diva News 

The Transition Bellingen web site address is  http://transitionbellingen.org 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Questionnaire on criteria and responses

Questionnaire sent out on 24 April 2012 

We have had an increasing amount of requests from various groups and individuals in our community to pass on notifications of various meetings, events, and causes via this email list. We are beginning to be a little bit challenged by all these requests, as we feel that you signed up to our mailing list in order to hear specifically about Transition events, and we don't want to flood your inbox with emails. 

Perhaps you have noticed that you ordinarily receive one email from us per week, usually on a Friday - which lists first all events connected directly to Transition Bellingen, and then other events. We have tried to limit these other events by using the following criteria: (1) 
local initiatives that will help make our community more resilient in the face of shocks such as peak oil, climate change and financial crisis, and (2)  initiatives from community-based, not-for-profit groups whose work is relevant to this goal, and that do not publicise commercial or party political initiatives.

But it often more complicated than that. Here is an example: Yesterday, we received a request to urgently publicise an event on Lyme Disease which is happening this  Thursday (2 days time). Do we send it out at all - it is local and it is non-profit and it is about resilience, albeit not directly connected to climate change, etc. Do we send it out immediately or don't we? Well, in this case we are being creative - we are sending out the notification  - but we are also taking the opportunity to ask for your feedback about what you think about this.

(1) Do you want TB emails to be specifically about TB connected events, or do you want us to continue to include notifications of other events that fit our criteria as listed above?
(2) Would you prefer getting an email from us once a week, or would you mind  getting more emails from us mid-week if necessary?
(3) Do you have any comment on our criteria as listed above?


Responses from 10% of recipients

Of those answering the questionnaire, most were happy for us to decided what should be included and to judge if urgent an email should be sent out, before the next Friday Transition Bellingen News

Send out urgent email - 81%

Only send out Transition Bellingen News items - 13%

Send out all relevant other news using own judgement/criteria - 87%