Thursday, February 16, 2012

Transition Bellingen World Cafe 15 February 2012

Transition Bellingen WORLD CAFÉ summary – 15 February, 2012
(Held at No. 5 Church Street – approx. 70 people participating through the evening)

“If we have done a good job “transitioning” our community, what will it look like in 2020?

(Each table shared their “most exciting” ideas with the whole group – which were written up on a large piece of butcher paper. Categories added by me.)

Massive daily produce market
Eating seasonally
Edible landscapes
Raw milk
Massive seed bank

Viable local employment
Well paid jobs for all who want them
Well established barter system

Car-free CBD
Better public spaces

Cycle ways everywhere
Safer roads
More bikes
Light rail to Coffs etc
Better public transport

“Me” turning to “We”
Habits change
Less consumerism=less waste
Time rich
More happy people
Connections between all
More communication
Holding on to things that are good and that we cherish

Local self-governance
Respect between Council and community
More independent thinking and acting – breaking the law included
“Law” or “Lore”?

Children teaching adults
Intergenerational care
Eco-Aged care facility

Affordable alternative health care

Solar energy

Shared spaces
Safe accommodation for all
Sustainable housing
Efficient housing

No cows in the river
More birds
Taking care of and treasuring our natural world and it’s creatures

Maintain and nurture arts and creativity