Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Transition Celebration 3 December 2013 and notes on dreaming from that meeting

TransCelebration Dreaming December 2013
How do we get more people involved in Transition stuff happening?
Welcome pack list that property managers can give to new tenants and real estate agents can give to residence purchasers
Posters in places where people wait like doctors surgeries, dentists, etc
Eye catching vehicle for taxi visible all the time
Interviews/talks on 2BBB
Soapbox talks – media flooding of info
Information on Seed Savers market stall about Transition stuff
Social media/Facebook page
Eye catching headings eg “End the stigma of hemp”
List of organisations you can donate 1 or 2 hours per week
Schools? Pre-schools? Younger people?
Be relevant, interesting, welcoming, and lots of fun
Regular column in the Courier-Sun
Everyone bring one friend to a forum, meeting, etc, someone with no prior connection.
Talk to the View Clubs of Bellingen and Dorrigo, the Senior Citizens, Rotary, etc
What ideas do we have for projects that can get going in 2014?
Get schoolkids to do “magic school bus” walks to weed, pick, then prepare food collected.
Bee Sanctuary
Food festival
Soapbox talks
Consolidate and get more “worker bees” into existing groups
Community taxi or owned by TB?
Walk Bus run!
Gift trading website using asset register (using asset based community development principles)   ie connecting people with gifts to others especially people whose skills are hidden/undervalued eg isolated.
Make clear how people can participate in groups/causes etc
Regular columns in community section, updating.
What topics should we have for our forums in 2014?
Regular forums building the energy project
Facilitating change
Hovercrafts from Bello to Urunga, Repton, et al
Revisit “why Transition?” and “Transition to what?”
Ethical investment/banking
Heal the rift between Council and Community
Hemp talk: perhaps items made from hemp to show (unknown to some its diversity)
Community involvement and awareness
Engaging community assets, particularly people/groups not involved/valued
Project finance on a community basis
Should Transition Bellingen have formal membership?
No – being on the database and receiving the TB e-news gives you a sense of belonging/being a member
No, I love it as it is.
No: but keep people emailed/updated/facebooked
No: if people are interested they’ll support. Some may not join if they have to pay!!!
Yes, money helps and it creates opportunities and a network for communication....(comment following on from that) Separate “belonging and funding”
Optional? Annual prompt?
No, the potential for people not currently involved to be alienated is greater than the potential benefits ....(comment following on from that) I agree!
How should we fundraise for a part-time Transition coordinator?
Monthly joint garage sale at Showgrounds perhaps (people donate, like free)
Local Food Festival
Membership moneys
Dave from Hearthfire has good ideas
Liaise and enlist the services of the Council Sustainability Officer and  Grants Officer
Crowd sourcing
Kickstarter funding for community taxi (like Totness) cooking oil run. Use taxi as a moving billboard for TB activities, then get taxi and do deliveries. Money earner!! Tourist attraction.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Transforum - Local Food 25 August 2013

How do we take LOCAL FOOD to the next level?

The Bellingen Shire is the home of dedicated farmers, amazing markets, community gardens, and more passionate “foodies” than we know what to do with. But can we create a completely local food supply? And how? Come be part of the discussion, at the third in our Forum series in which we explore what is happening in the Bellingen Shire’s movement towards 100% sustainability.... TransForum
Sunday, 25 August  2:30-5:30 pm  Uniting Church Hall
·       Panel Presentation: Susan Weil (Biodynamic Farmer/Family Counsellor/ Business Coach and founder of Bellopy Markets), Maida Bugg (owner of Buggaree Red Polls, Urunga), and Kevin Doye (Local Food campaigner and co-owner of Kombu Wholefoods)
·       Open Discussion and sharing of ideas
·       Afternoon tea and chatting – starting at 2:30 pm!

Contact us at transitionbellingen@gmail.com or 6655 9715 (Vicki)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is a Green, Local Economy Possible - Sunday 28 July 2013

Is a Green, Local Economy Possible?

What is in the works currently to help create a SUSTAINABLE and RESILIENT LOCAL ECONOMY in the Bellingen Shire? And what still needs to happen?  Come be part of the discussion, at the second in our Forum series, in which we explore what is happening in the Bellingen Shire’s movement towards 100% sustainability.... 
Sunday, 28 July  3:00-5:30 pm  Uniting Church Hall

·       Panel on “Creating a Local  Green Economy”: Guy Saddleton (President, Bellingen Chamber of Commerce), Liz Jeremy (General Manager, Bellingen Shire Council), and Sinclair Park (“Sustainability Park” project)
·       Open Discussion and sharing of ideas
·       Afternoon tea
·       Child minding (if enough people want – contact us if you do!)
Contact us at transitionbellingen@gmail.com or 6655 9715 (Vicki)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Transitioning our Waste Sunday 30 June 2013


"Transitioning our Waste"

Sunday, 30 June from 3:00-5:00 at the Uniting Church Hall, Bellingen

Part 1: Learning about our waste in the Bellingen Shire - what do we throw away? Where does it go? What ideas are there for the future? There will be some learned guests who will share their knowledge with us.

Part 2: Open Space Technology discussion - let's generate some ideas and possibly projects on this topic!

Child minding available - just let us know if you would like this.

Afternoon tea available too (does anyone want to bake a cake??)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Transition Forum 26 May 2013

Sunday, 26 May  3:00-5:00 pm  Uniting Church Hall

·       Film Screening: Int’l Transition’s latest film “In Transition 2.0: a story of resilience and hope in extraordinary times”

·       Transition Bellingen’s  new structure & update on projects

·       Discussion and sharing of ideas
·       Afternoon tea
·       Child minding (if enough people want – contact us if you do!)
Contact us at transitionbellingen@gmail.com or 6655 9715 (Vicki) 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bellopy "organic" farmers markets poster and mission statement

Susan's report on the first Bellopy market held on Friday 18 January 2013 follows after the posters

click here for photographs of the first market

Friday 18 January 2013

this market was a one stop shop!! as it should be ...bring it on!

well well well....our first market day and we rocked! the venue was PERFECT so thank you thank you thank you Tim Cadman and the team at the angliocan church.

Thank you bellingenites, nambucians, valladaians, urungatans and maxvillians, not to mention coffsonians and the dorrigans for your wonderful support we had a really fantastic turnout.....nice and steady for most of the day....despite the soaring temperatures!

If you like the market spread the word and lets turn up the volume...the more people come the better the growers will do and the more growers we will attract.

The community response has been fantastic ...and hopefully you all got a taste of what an organic/biodynamic humane choice market looks and feels like. A dream come true....the quality of produce was outstanding...and a BIG BIG thank you to all the stallholders some of whom were up at 3.30am to get here today which i feel very grateful for. They all had a great day and will be back regularly...phew...

last minute email to get some music and we got the best...kelly stoner and co jammed for us for a few hours and the whole vibe of the market shifted....it was so great to have you play Kel and feel free to come and practise anytime. Vick and the boys will be back to play for us in two weeks.

Because we dont have the money to pay for music please drop some money in a hat for them next time. Anyone wanting to play at the bellopys can contact me directly my number is on the flyer. we would love to have you as long as its low key...folksy etc... no pa system available.

For those of you who have had your first taste of the market you now know you can come and get organic breaky and lunches on site. Pung and i made biodynamic egg and herb omelettes served on organic hearthfire baked paninis with chilli. For lunch we cranked up smoked jagerwusrt pork sausages from sandras mayfield farm in hernani with sauerkraut and mustard again on hearthfire paninis. Pungs delicious vietnamese rolls sold out..of course! .... and they will be bigger and better next market...were just warming up!! along with her organic satay chicken skewers and homemade peanut sauce.

We will also have ther buzz stop boys doing coffee from now on and they will also be selling am,elia franklins fairtrade organic roasted beans...yay!

For those who stopped by bondy's tent....and who didnt...the pork buns sold out before 10am......!! i know he will be bring a lot more to next market. Bondy also sells fantastic organic humane choice pork.

Sandra Bannerman your sausages and bacon were unbelievable.

A reminder that this market is 100% organic/biodynamic...fruit n veg, humane choice raised animals. Every farm has/will be visited by myself to ensure the quality of the produce being sold here. All the prepared , packaged food, jams, chutneys, dips, and cooked food is 85% organic/biodynamic in line with industry standards.

At our first market day we had organic/humane choice pork and pork related products, sausages, bacon, roasts and more.... marrook farm yogurts and cheeses.....and whilst Dave who opened the market with me today wont be here for a while....ill be selling you his fantastic hard cheeses and maybe the fetta and quarg. Whilst i wont do nearly as a good a job at it....i dont think you'll really care as long as you can buy it...right? thanks for everything dave.......you know how much it means to us. hope you had fun with us.

There was an amazing selection of produce from our growers, sissy and peter, amanda from orange moon..your stuff was amazing today! , tonys peaches and plums-were fantastic, bondy, max and rob...your seedlings are the bnest around.... and a debut for michael and jodi's produce from dorrigo...welcome aboard.

It was so great to see new faces on the scene from nymboidia, dorrigo and hernani which meant a broader selection of fruit and veg for all of us here. Because the market is free it means some newcomers had a go and set up a table and that meant more choice for the buyers, so the small home growers could have a go and get in on the spirit of things.

The macadamia nuts from dave and kerry flinterss farm in Eylands were huge! they also had sugaraed and chocolate coated macadamia nuts, and macadamia nut spread.

Raw food was a hit...thanks laura ...unbelieveable if you didnt stop by here table you missed out and will have to come back in two weeks to see what she did...food art.

There was a great selection of pickles, chutneys and jams.....from several growers....ute and one pot organic and sue kelly's marmalade still the best i have ever had... ...and who cant go past a good davidson plum jam!

Great selection and herbs from jimmy and lisa. Jai brought us unbelievable honey brush box and tea tree with new flavours to sample and enjoy.

Kate and her edible looking soaps and candles from urunga were absolutely gorgeous...and what more coulod we want on a 42 degree day? thanks god for the green grocers juices made by angle and team....they were much needed today and if you didnt try the apple lime and mint get one next time.

Hearthfire breads were also available and they kicked butt...well done dave.

last but not least wendy thanks for your great plants selection ....

In a months time we will be selling humane choice chicken and beef from several farms which will be fantastic.

Next market we will also have john from lindseys seafood and oysters in urunga jumping in and a few more edible surprises. Daves bananas will also be here.

gaps in the market:
organic cakes and biscuits were missing today,
stuff for kids to snack on.....
pasta and pasta sauces- its basil and tomatoe season ?
fruit and avocados -
dried fruit- olivia? where are you....you have the machine no?

last but not least a BIG thanks you to all the growers who donated their left over produce to jenny and the team at vintage nest life pantry. For anyone on health care card the pantry (at the rear lane ...back of the cafe) from 10am sell 9 items for $10 , free bread and now organic fruit and veg. Feel free to go down and support them...the pantry has a really big selection of grocery items at a very much reduced rate.

Thanks to kim honan for doing the rural report live this morning from the markets and we hope that it attracts more people to the markets and more growers for us to enjoy.

This is a community market, shopping here every week means we keep our farmers in business, we support our environment by lower food miles and nil packaging and we get the best quality food that can be grown.

So spread the word far and wide and bring your bags and baskets and look forward to seeing you all in two weeks. We aim to go weekly in march.

thanks susan weil


beekeeping workshop - postponed until spring 2013

Dear Friends,
I am terribly sorry to disappoint you all yet again, but  this workshop is just not meant to be this time round. I found out today that Sue Rees will be unable to teach the Bee Keeping Workshop this Sunday and I have no choice but to cancel it again. Please accept my deepest apologies and believe me, I feel awful about it. 

We will regather, debrief and try again, with the idea of offering this workshop in Spring. Anyone who booked into a previously cancelled workshop will be given priority, of course.

Please send me you bank details (BSB & Account number) so I can organise your reimbursement. 

Sorry again for any inconvenience.

Warm Regards,


postponed several times from original date

click here to download entry form

Friday, March 8, 2013

Transition Bellingen News 8 March 2013

Transition Bellingen News as at 8 March 2013

Saturday 9 March Bellingen Seedsavers will be at the Plant Fair

Friday 15 March Bellopy Market at St Margaret's Church 8am to 1pm. check out http://www.facebook.com/BellopyMarkets for all the information.
New Poster click on Bellopy Market Poster

Other News  click on criteria

Bellofoodbox local nutritious food  - click on  food box for details

'Bello Bamboo '  click on events Feb/March for details

Saturday 9 March Bellingen Playback Theatre

Wednesday 13 March Wholistic Business Network first meeting in Bellingen click on first meeting , including Dr Alec McHarg on the subject of "Community Housing - what works and what doesn't"

Saturday 16 March Koala Population report click on Koala

Sunday 24 March Tibet Heart yoga Fundraiser by Sanctuary to support refugees click on Sanctuary for details.