Saturday, November 15, 2014

correspondence from transitioner Frances Amaroux - Power Play a musical parody

Hi Wholistic Business People -  just thought you might be interested in  this fantastic political musical parody called Power Play?

I'm in it, singing a few parts - actually I'm Gina Reinhardt and Julie Bishop LOL
- as well as lots of talented Bello locals, and its showing on 2 weekends in November.
Would love to see you and your friends there ;-)

Booking details below - tell your friends!

Hugz, Frances Amaroux

A new musical being developed in Bellingen raises some fundamental questions about the way politics are conducted in Australia and who ultimately controls the political process. The events surrounding the rise and fall of Julia Gillard form the backdrop for “Power Play”, which uses satire and parody to examine the reality behind the fa├žade of big party politics and electoral populism. 

This hard-hitting comedy pulls no punches as it explores the influence of mass media, big business and the party machines on the way the electoral process is manipulated to serve the interests of a few. An embittered Tony Abbott vows vengeance for his narrow defeat at the hands of the Independents; in a leafy moonlit garden two mining tycoons sing in praise of their mutual love; an ousted Julia Gillard reflects sombrely on the fruits of her experience. And through it all, Harlequin cavorts and whirls, reminding us of the unpredictability of destiny and the predictability of history. 

Devised by a small ensemble of local musicians, artists and performers, “Power Play” asks the audience to consider some pertinent questions: How do our leaders stack up in terms of qualities such as integrity, compassion and honesty, how much are they guided by a genuine interest in the welfare of the people and the country. 

The play is designed to stimulate public debate, and whether you agree or disagree with its conclusions, you won’t walk away from the performance without something to think about. 

The play opens at the Memorial Hall, Bellingen on Friday 14th November, with evening performances scheduled over the weekends of 14th/15th and 21st/22nd November. 

Tickets are available online at 
or from the Alternatives Bookshop, 105 Hyde St, Bellingen for $20 ($15 concession).




Here's a goodwill message from the evergreen Bob Brown 
when he heard about the play (he's has a character is in the play)
"How amazing!!!!!! I can't be there for the show, but I sure wish I was in the front row. It sounds terrific. May the aisles be blocked and the doors jammed! My very best wishes, Bob Brown.
Ps: I sat through so many movies in the Memorial Theatre and, once, played the Fifth Nocturne on the piano at a concert there. So I would be right at home.
Pps: I am gone, but they can't get rid of me. Bob."