Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gleniffer Reserves Community Consultation

Dear Transition Bellingen,

Gleniffer Reserves Master Plan

The Chamber has been asked by one of our members, FISHER DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE  who have been engaged by the bellingen Shire Council to prepare the Gleniffer Reserves Master Plan, to distribute the following information and survey (which we fully support as the Master Plan is an important undertaking for our community):

The Bellingen Shire community is encouraged to contribute to the Gleniffer Reserves Master Plan. We invite you to consider how we as a community can manage the Gleniffer Reserves sustainably so that your children and their children’s children may enjoy them in generations to come. Feedback is being sought via a feedback form which can be downloaded below. Community feedback is sought until Friday 19 December 2014.
The four Gleniffer Reserves are adjacent to private properties and next to the World Heritage Area of Dorrigo National Park and Tuckers Nob State Forests. They have been enjoyed by our community for generations. In recent years however, promotion of the Reserves by tourism organisations and local word of mouth has resulted in the area becoming increasingly popular. Gleniffer residents have reported a large increase in visitation levels to a point where it is impacting on the natural environment and local amenity.

Local residents have been caring for the Reserves for many years by maintaining the amenities and restoring the environment. Now however, the level of visitor use of the Reserves exceeds the local’s capacity to care for them.

In March Bellingen Shire Council endorsed the Community Facilities and Open Space Infrastructure Section 94 Developer Contribution Plan 2014, which included funding to establish a Master Plan for the Gleniffer Reserves. A consultant team led by local firm Fisher Design + Architecture has now been engaged by Council to facilitate community consultation and develop the Master Plan. 

Please download and complete the feedback form (click here).  Forms can be returned via email on For further info please contact us on 9475 5440.

Approach to the Gleniffer Reserves Master Plan

The key focus points of the Gleniffer Reserves Master Plan will be:
•    Sustainable levels of visitation and usage
•    The unique character and experience of the Reserves
•    The natural environment
•    Visitor behaviour
•    Impacts on local residents
•    Facilities and infrastructure

The Master Plan process will investigate the existing condition of the reserves, consider strategies for managing visitor numbers, preserving the natural environment and reducing impacts on local residents, and explore options for enhancing the visitor experience.

The design principles that will underpin the Gleniffer Reserves Master Plan include:
•    Designing for sustainability, endurance and resilience
•    Protecting and enhancing our local environment
•    Strengthening pride and respect within our community and for our spaces
•    Enhancing physical and cultural connection with place
•    Encouraging community engagement, participation and co-operation
•    Safety and wellbeing
•    Working within planning, physical and social contexts
•    Fostering excellence, innovation and leadership
•    Consideration of custodianship, for now and into the future

These principles are aligned with the values outlined in the Bellingen Shire Council’s Community Strategic Vision ‘Connected, Sustainable, Creative’.

The Master Plan will propose 
ideas with practical solutions, and a cohesive approach to their application. It should provide certainty to the community, inspire community confidence and be achievable. 

Bruce Levy (Lily Pily Country House)
President, Bellingen Chamber of Commerce
0414 615 890