Friday, February 21, 2014

Newsletter February 2014

Welcome to 2014 in Transition Bellingen!

“Economics of Happiness” made Bellingen happy!
It’s been two weeks since more than 250 people gathered at the Memorial Hall to view the film “The Economics of Happiness” and participate in the forum. But the ripples have yet to die down....We heard the event being discussed for days afterwards at coffee shops, birthday parties, the local swimming pool, and on 2BBB!

SO.... we have decided to “follow the passion” and have invited Helena Norberg-Hodge to return to Bellingen to run some “Economics of Happiness” workshops:  two 2-day workshops – one on Thurs/Fri, 10-11 April, the second on Sat/Sun, 12-13 April. They would be based on the “knowledge into action” model – and would weave academic with experiential.  Helena requested some feedback in regard to can you please EMAIL US IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING ONE OF THE 2 DAY WORKSHOPS?

What else is happening in 2014?

MONTHLY TB EVENTS: We will be continuing with a Transition Event on the last weekend of every month. The March event will be a Picnic (stay tuned for details!) - WHO WANTS TO PLAN THE APRIL EVENT or any month after that? It could be a Forum, a Film Night, a World Cafe, or whatever. We will support you with whatever idea you have - if you have a great idea but no time for planning, share the idea with us anyway!

TB PROJECTS: The following projects have some energy and people behind them already (some are new, some are continuing....) Contact the facilitator directly if you would like to be involved.

Bellingen “Lovingkindness” Picnic Day – Jaki (
Freemarket –  Nina Hogel (
Divestment from Fossil Fuels Campaign – Miriam (
Community Car Sharing – Linda (
People Skills Training –  Frances (
Bellingen Community Enterprises -  Gull (
Cooperative EcoVillage –  Alon (
Transition Bellingen Forums – Transition Bellingen MOB (Management of Business) group ( 

The following ideas got a lot of support, but no one put their hand up at the meeting to lead them......if YOU would like to facilitate, knowing you already have lots of support, contact us!
Gifts/skills trading website using asset register.

“2030 The Musical”
Music festival
Revisioning 2020-2030
Working bees around town
Reskilling workshops

Transition Bellingen events coming up:

Friday, 28 Feb - Bellopy Markets 8:30-1:00 @Anglican Church

Sunday, 2 March -  Freemarket2:00 @Bellingen Showgrounds

Thursday, 6 March - TB MOB (Management of Business) mtg5:30

Saturday, 8 March - Bellingen Seed Savers at the Bellingen Plant Fair

Friday, 14 Feb - Bellopy Markets 8:30-1:00 @Anglican Church