Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nap Zzzzone at STILLPOINT (St Andrews Church) from Monday 12 March 2012

Press Release

Opening of the Nap Zzzone at ‘StillPoint’

This week Transition Bellingen in collaboration with the Uniting Church opened ‘StillPoint’ - a silent zone at St Andrews Church, where people can come and stop, rest, reflect and recharge. 
“Many people say they would love to take a brief nap mid afternoon at work, but just don’t have a place to do so.  Or they fear it’s a socially unacceptable habit, so push on despite their fatigue,” says Thea O’Connor of Transition Bellingen.  “Well here’s a public space available for anyone who wants to take a few minutes out of their routine to recharge their batteries. Research demonstrates that an afternoon nap as short as ten minutes will increase alertness, improve mood and reduce workplace errors, so it’s a very smart thing to do.”
The Nap Zzzzone at Stillpoint is open Monday to Wednesdays, 12 to 3 pm so will be available during the post-lunch dip.  Blanket and pillows are provided, but you might want to bring an eye mask or ear plugs.  Transition Bellingen is supporting the project, recognising that personal sustainability is just as important for creating a resilient vibrant community as environmental sustainability. 
Any type of silent practice is welcome so there will be a space for meditation, prayer or simply sitting as well as a lying-down space for nappers.  “Times of silent meditation, contemplation and prayer are acknowledged to be important in all spiritual traditions,” says Rev Dr Jason John, who is really pleased to see the historical church opened up for community use.   “These practices are simple but take considerable discipline.  Practicing in the company of others sometimes helps.” 
StillPoint will be reviewed after a three-month period so if you’d like to see such a space become part of our community come and have a lie down!