Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sourdough Bread Making Workshop 4 November 2012

Sourdough Bread Making Workshop 4 November 2012

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bellingen River Festival 3 November 2012

Bellingen River Festival 2012

How you can help

Buy a transfer for your shirt on the day, iron it on your shirt on the spot

Bellingen Community Parade is seeking support.
Last year, the River Festival  introduced. as the pinnacle of the event, the Community Parade. This was hugely celebrated last year by the shire and after extraordinary planning and adhering to all the various additional requirements from Police and RTA, we have permission to hold this unique spectacle again.

The Parade, this year is gauged to have some school groups and many community organisations take part and represent themselves to showcase some of the many and varied peoples that make this Bellingen. 

We still are seeking further interest in this from all community groups from sporting to charitable and all other community bodies. 

The parade does not seek to structure a rank and file march with each group separately identified, rather to simply allow all groups to prepare their banner and come along in uniform where applicable to represent themselves in an inclusive community bridge walk. 

We encourage our most respected and long standing community members to walk along side with family and grandchildren from schools and other groups with the hope for as many banners and groups identifying all the various pieces that make this community.

Space will be available at the showground pavilion from 29 October to 2 November, for any community organisation to come and create a banner for their group - please call or email us 


Small Business Canoe Knockout race - 2 person teams will be competing for cash and prizes..But mostly for bragging rights. 
We are especially calling out to businesses we cannot reach and extending the invitation to sole traders and tradespeople.

Lanterns and Sculptures -  become involved in a workshop before the festival to learn amazing techniques in bamboo sculpture and become a mentor for a workshop on the day

Storytellers and historians - contact Pearl Maya on 0400 473 494 to share your yarns and knowledge about the river, its history, on the farm, in the flood, or about the river at its most beautiful

Rubber Duckie Race

Donations needed
Unfortunately this year the event has encountered excessive costs for infrastructure and operation of the Community Parade and we are asking for your help to raise the revenue to bring the parade to fruition.
Despite our best efforts and the wonderful support from all our sponsors, the committee hasn’t the revenue to cover the remaining $2300 in additional costs associated to implement the road closure, parade and great expression of community.  
Donations are  accepted for the Bellingen River Festival - you can donate via collection tins at Roots Records, Hearthfire Bakery, Kombu & IGA or checkout the webpage for deposit details.

We also still have various sponsorship packages available for all businesses and budgets and we wish to  express  our thanks to all the sponsors and supporters already on board for this years event. 

Thanks to all the regional sponsors that support a community and its enrichment.

There is always lots of space for eager volunteers to make this all happen. Check out the website for details of the various ways anyone can get involved. Many hands make light work. see below

Phone: Ben 0401 908 441

See you there!

We need your help in the preparation, set up, during the festival and in the take down process

click on support to download volunteer booklet and application form

completed forms can be dropped off at
Roots Records
Hearthfire Bakery
for the attention of Ben/river