Saturday, February 9, 2013

Eco Centro public meeting Wednesday 20 February

Eco Centro
”Biochar may represent the single most important initiative for humanity’s environmental future”
Tim Flannery

Do We Have What It Takes to Make it Work Here?

Last winter Wayne ‘Wadzy’ Wadsworth proposed ‘Eco Centro’ for Bellingen as the basis of his Mayoral campaign.  Subsequent conversations have indicated a growing interest in what he is proposing… so 
we are holding a public meeting on
Wednesday 20th February 
at No. 5 Church St
to discuss what it would take to make it work here

Our Shire Councillors along with Council Managers and Officers have been invited (please add your encouragement to inspire them to attend). The project is consistent with the aims of the Community Strategic Plan.

This project has not been done anywhere in Australia in it’s entirety, though Ballina Shire is now converting to a ‘waste-to-energy’ biochar system. Government and private funding may be available. The biggest piece of the picture would be to turn the Sewage Treatment Plant into a green electricity generator, which would turn the waste into energy using a gas turbine (similar to what is done with Sydney water). The treated water at the STP would be used to feed a bamboo/hemp plantation, which, along with Bellingen’s green waste, could be used to make biochar and green energy. The c50 acres of land surrounding the STP could provide the space for production of all of the energy that our town needs via Solar, Biogas and the making of biochar*. [*As the bamboo/hemp grows, it takes up carbon and through pyrolysis (baking, not burning) this carbon is made stable (sequestered)and can be used to enhance the soil, effectively removing it from the atmosphere]

Wed 20th February at No. 5 Church St -- 7:15 pm meeting start
Come early for dinner
please RSVP by 14 Feb 
to register for the $18pp Vegetarian Buffet option

**Email to RSVP or ring Vicki on 6655-9715 and leave a message**